Eliminate all rates your business pays to accept credit cards...
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Yes really.

U.S. businesses pay out trillions of dollars every year to accept credit cards. They had little choice but to pay these rates or simply not accept credit cards. This all changed after a recent court ruling and settlements along with changes made by Visa and MasterCard. We have a patented method to unlocked the same system successfully used around the world to completely eliminate credit card and debit card rates your businesses may now pay.

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Who We Are

We are RateFree.org. We have formed this organization with one premise in mind, to completely eliminate the rates businesses pay to accept credit cards. We have a 100% success rate with even the smallest businesses to very largest businesses. RateFree.org is built on a relationship you can count on with over 30 years in payments.

RateFree.org was formed for merchants by merchants to find ways to compete with very large national companies that have undercut the ability for local business to compete. RateFree.org levels the playing field.

Calculate how much you spend each year to accept credit cards. What if you could reinvest this into your business and lower your prices. This is one of the simple reasons RateFree.org's unique program has the potential to be the most important change you can ever make in your business.

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Stop Paying Credit Card Rates

With RateFree.org you pay 0.00% rate and $0.00 per transaction. There is no cost upfront, no cost per year. We supply a free credit card terminal with full EMV + NFC ability or a free payment gateway. The only fee? A small monthly membership fee of $39.99 or less. Cancel anytime with no fee.

That is it. Zip, Zilch, Nada, Zero, you pay no other rates or transaction fees.

We take care of all regulatory issues so your business is fully compliant with our exclusive patented system only available with RateFree.org with your credit card customer charged a small flat percentage added to the totla transaction (US Patents #US 8,131,619 / US Patents #US 8,423,439 / US Patents #US 8,478,689 ). Simply put there is no other merchant program like this in the country.

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